DipGame: a challenging negotiation testbed

Angela Fabregues 1 , Carles Sierra 1

  • 1. IIIA-CSIC, Spain

Publication Year: 2011

Publication Type: Article

Keywords: Diplomacy Game, negotiation, multiagent systems, automated negotiation frameworks, multiagent negotiation

URL: http://www.dipgame.org/browse/paper4

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There is a chronic lack of shared application domains to test advanced re- search models and agent negotiation architectures in Multiagent Systems. In this paper we introduce a friendly testbed for that purpose. The testbed is based on The Diplomacy Game where negotiation and the relationships between players play an essential role. The testbed profits from the existence of a large community of human players that know the game and can easily provide data for experiments. We explain the infrastructure in the paper and make it freely available to the AI community.

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